City of Bonham Community Development

Pre-Approved Chapter 380 BET on Bonham Program Fact Sheet

Printable no smoking sign for buisness owners, click here to download 

 Finn Blevins

Director of Community Development

Bonham City Hall

514 Chestnut Street

Bonham, Texas  75418

Phone:  903-505-2495

Mark Posey

Code Enforcement

Bonham City Hall

514 Chestnut Street

Bonham, Texas  75418

Phone:  903-583-7555

Scott Ridling

Fire Marshal

Bonham Fire Department

2509 North Center

Bonham, Texas  75418

Phone:  903-647-9423

Time Saving Online Forms

All of our forms are available online and can be completed, signed, and filed using a computer, tablet, or smartphone.  The applicable fees can also be paid online using our online bill pay.  You may also obtain the forms at City Hall, 514 Chestnut Street.

Mission Statement

To ensure safe, high quality development and construction through a thorough permitting and inspection process, preserving the integrity of neighborhood and commercial developments through consistent and proactive code enforcement procedures while offering superior customer service in order to improve the quality of life for all citizens of the City of Bonham.